Places for innovation and exchange

We build Innovation Labs and Corporate Playgrounds in order to

  • develop new products, services and business models
  • test collaborativ systems with business partners
  • discover and test new technologies and recruiting of new, young and digital shaped employees (Digital Natives)

With open and connected Lab strctures we take care of an agile connection between new knowledge and ideas as well as company ressources and experiences. That is the way so ensure the sustainability of your company.

Many rooms are made for a special output. Traditional offices and meeting rooms are not create for idea or innovation processes. Innovation spaces increas the creativ potential of an whole organization. They become an Innovation Excellence Center when they are planed correctly and managed professionally.

That is the major objective of Hubs or Labs. But just the existence of an place leads not to results automatically. These spaces should be the core of any company where all units collaborate harmoniously the future of the organization. The whole challenge is not the design of furniture or architecture, it is more about the intelligent design of spaces, organisational form and networking in the company.

Our customer’s Labs have three parts: keynote are, chill-out and relax area as well as an area where small groups create standingly new ideas. Ideally there is sufficient free space with writable walls and tables where you can let off steam. New technical elements are getting more important. The style is always individual. A positive counterpoint to the organization’s equipment is always important.

Even more important is the acceptance and support of the management. We set great store that our Labs question existing conventions and push their own topics. Further important aspects are the external openness and the ability of an own Lab Team that is allowed to focus on the Open Space completely.

This is probably the most important key factor – and a lot of mistakes are made here. Companies invests a lot of money in an euphoric atmosphere for expensive furniture and facilities – but forget the operation. Learning: You will get a lot further when you buy a Gold and have enough money for the gas instead of having a Ferrari in the garage which is not able to drive any mile.


Our conclusion: An own and implemented properly Innovation Hub increases the innovation pontetial and becomes the engine for internal change.



Contrary to frequent assumptions Design is not focussing on Interieur. It is more about the staging substantial functions of creative rooms like moveable walls and furniture, different areas to work seated and standing or relax and details for all human senses.

methodical expertise

It depends on employees how they approximate a challenge to decide if a Company is able to develop good ideas. Ideally the organization is used to work with a certain nombers of creative methods and furthermore it is able to adapt these skills depending on the question.

Conception of Content

Applies for every Creative Space: Content is King. Care for a varied programm that is also internally consistent. Add to your Idea and Innovation Workshops open formats and inspiring keynotes to make the Lab-Experience accessible ot all employees.


Building and Running a Co-Working / Open Spaces for the Vienna Intrapreneur Academy


Conception of a Retail Lab to test new Retail Concepts for Daimler AG

Digital Transformation

innovation culture

Customer Centricity

Open Spaces

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