New Work and Leadership

Dialogue engaged

at eye level

Change allowes chances – but employees and managers often view them as risk. To try something different, modify rules or try something new requires trust and freedom to execute these changes. Freedom means authorities, budgets or ressources but also open spaces:

  • Creating open spaces for an open dialogue engaged at eye level with employees and managers.
  • Experiencing New Work and Agile Management in our programms.
  • Revitalizing entrepreneurial spirit and action by crossfunctional workshops and programms

In the new digital reality big part of value creation is knowledge based and in most cases already digital. The value of innovative products like iPhones, Tesla cars or Smart Watches are measured especially by knowledge and less by the used ressources. Many firms, organization concepts and processes are from the industrialization time and inadequate for todays and future knowledge-intensive products, services and solutions.

Groups’ silos and hierarchies prevents innovation as well as employees’ motivation and engagement. “Old Work” described by hierarchies, committees, slowly processes of decision and approval repels potential candidates. Usually they are looking for “New Work”, democratic participation, flexible in terms of working hours and their workplace as well as an open dialogue engaged at eye level. They find this aspects in a start-ups or found their own one.

15% of German employees already mentally resigned and the majority works to rule.Gallup Institut - 2015

Young employees want to be coached and not led. They expect an open dialogue engaged at eye level and design freedoms instead of strict demands. Main criteria for the selection of companies will be more the support of employees dreams, wishes and social issue – instead of provision of workplace and pay. On this occasion Intrapreneurship – promoting employees realizing their business ideas instead of founding a start-up – is an important tool to motivate employees.


Digital Transformation, changing employee’s value and expectations requires another managers’ mindset. Agile management with iterations and continuous adjustments becomes more important in companies. Agile originally comes from the IT development and have been created to handle complex projects with unclear requirements. So it is possible to quickly iterate to the final solution. This solution-oriented approach requires a paradigm shift in management. That is still dominated by traditional project management where you usually try to work on unrealistic objectives and at in the end you admit schedule delays and budget overruns. The new economic reality requires a new typ of managers. The mark of manager’s key comptences change to more coaching, influencing with emotional skills, creative ways to solve problems and stronger technical and digital competences as well as execution skills.

NEW BLOCKS of Work and Leadership

Team development

Only the perfect interaction of room, persons and methods leads to successful Innovation Labs. Therefore you need an experienced team who manages and take the Lab, mark it out internally and externally. Think about the team roles and their tasks to the earliest point of time.


Companies which promote Intrapreneurship do perform better and are more agile as their then competitors. That is why Intrapreneurship becomes more important and the demand for intern Innovators rises. Basicly 5-10% of all employees have got what it takes to develope disruptive Innovations.


Agile needs a new way of thinking and living by managers. Therefore they need to become agile experts and learn the handling of innovative leadership instruments because traditional ones are limited in an agile environment.



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