What do we believe in?

Innovation Management is Change Management in the first line that is need to be prepared and execute well in order to inspire employees and managers – and not only to convince them. Strong communication, networking and stakeholder management are the basic for a successful innovation management. It is important to use the impulses of e.g. an inspiration trip as a starting point of an innovation initiative. Even more important is to use these impulses for the core business specifically. In our point of view the ability for innovation is a longterm and multistage process which creates a sustainable innovation culture and safeguarding the future of the company – from the inside. This process is made of the stages Understand, Navigate and Adapt as well as an continuous learning, implementing and adapting cycle.

What makes us unique?

We create with you a sustainable Innovation Culture for a viable organization. We are Silverpreneurs. We worked several years in groups’ top and middle management and at the same time in the global start-up ecosystem. We allowe groups and medium-sized enterprises developing innovations like a start-up and navigate our customers to success. The basic to change is hard work and innovation coaching with our customers. We enable you to shape Innovations and not only to talk about it. We create new rooms, methods, formats and events so that our customers are able to develop sustainably new disruptive ideas and products and to love change. We deliver new Concepts for Innovations and show you new paths to assert yourself in world of radical changes.

What benefit do you have?

An agile and learning Organization: A continous and rapidly changing environment provides – like Andy Groves, former Intel CEO – that “only the Paranoid survive”, always being on guard and looking for possible threats and the “next big thing”.

Radical Customer Centricity: Innovative companies focus on improving Customer Experience and not on products or services.

Open Innovation: You realize that not all ideas and smartest people are inside but you can find them outside your company.

New Creative Methods: Inspired by Designers, creative methods allowes to solve wicked problems by collective creativity of crossfunctional participants.

(Free) Spaces: You learn to do something exciting in another way, changing rules and try something new. It needs trust and freedom do execute these changes at least.


Innovation designs your future. The breeding ground for innovations are the following three components.
People:Digital Transformation needs also an „Human Transformation“. The biggest innovation power are not IT Tools or processes but your employees and high potentials you should recruit.
Spaces: Many rooms are made for one special reason. Classic offices or meeting rooms do not serve idea or innovation processes. We support you to build spaces for innovations and the development of creative ideas.
Methods: How I personal become more creativ and more innovativ at least? We work on this key issue in workshops and coachings. We show you methods and tool so creative change arises.


For some consultants companies one complete solution is just a block and module in an integraded programm for us – in order to create a sustainable innovation culture. The magic is the combination of suitable blocks which are the groundwork for deep changes and sustainable innovation culture which creates noticeable experience. Therefore we orchestrate for you all innovation measures to a holistic and integrated Innovation Management. We create systems which are able to handle changes and trends – and convert them into ideas. These unthoght ideas are your basic to deliver innovative products and services to market.


Imagine: You are beekeeper! You can have the most diligent bees. They can build you the best beehive.

But you will never heave honey, if you do not plant flowers.

It is the same in your organization: No flowers, no honey. So, you need an Innovation Ecosystem, where it ideas arises. That is our focus when we are working with our customers. We enable you to create ideas, innovations or patents and not just give an answer to a specific question.

“Focus on innovators – not on innovation.”