Intrapreneurship and New Work Programms

Companies which promote Intrapreneurship do perform better than their competitors and are more agile in Transformation Processes. That is why Intrapreneurship get more important and requests for internal innovators increase. Basically: 5-10% of all employees have tha talent to develope disruptive innovations.

Enabling for

Because of new environment and business realities, classic Innovation approaches needs to be reworked following Start-ups and agile culture. In this process we will support you during the whole value chain of the Innovation Funnel. Our target is to enable you to develop evolutionary and disruptive ideas and business models permanently and by yourself.

Open Space Design

Many rooms are made for one special reason. Classic offices or meeting rooms do not serve idea or innovation processes. Innovation rooms increase the creative potential of the whole organization. Correctly planned and professionally managed this room is an Innovation Excellence Center inside the company. We build Innovation Labs and Corporate Playgrounds.


New Work

Companies which promote Intrapreneurship do perform better and are more agile as their then competitors. That is why Intrapreneurship becomes more important and the demand for intern Innovators rises. Basicly 5-10% of all employees have got what it takes to develope disruptive Innovations.

Corporate Culture

For traditional business organization it becomes more difficult to be adequate to todays challenges. We work on powerful motivators and with sense givers to master the change to an attractive organization.


Training Courses

In certain Training Courses we teach a combination of methods, action learning, thinking interdisciplinary, acting customer centered, creating unthought ideas, develop business models and launch new products agilely to market.


Agile needs a new way of thinking and living by managers. Therefore they need to become agile experts and learn the handling of innovative leadership instruments because traditional ones are limited in an agile environment.

Innovation Ability

Future Workshops

Labs or Hubs help you to develope new ideas non-stop. They also gives your employees a creative room to work on Innovations. They assume the role of Think Tank to understand trends and show action alternatives as well as developing ideas in workshops.

In & Excubation

No matter if it is internal or external Incubation – the most important point is to give the teams the liberty and support they need to build a scalable product and business model from validated ideas. Therefore it is important to being able to think in a role of “„serial entrepreneurs“ or „company builder“.


Garages & Maker`s Lab

In an agile environment you need fast Prototype Preperation to decide quickly and to validate them with customers. Wir build and run your Maker’s Lab so that you can validate your assumptions and reflect the market assessment by the Lean Start-Up Approach.

Innovation Programms

An orchstra needs a conductor who matches all instruments and shows the power of the orchestra. Just like innovation measures in companies. Individual components are used but without impact. Innovation happens when you have somone who conducts.

Open Space Design

Functional Design

Contrary to frequent assumptions Design is not focussing on Interieur. It is more about the staging substantial functions of creative rooms like moveable walls and furniture, different areas to work seated and standing or relax and details for all human senses.

methodical expertise

It depends on employees how they approximate a challenge to decide if a Company is able to develop good ideas. Ideally the organization is used to work with a certain nombers of creative methods and furthermore it is able to adapt these skills depending on the question.


Team Development

Only the perfect interaction of room, persons and methods leads to successful Innovation Labs. Therefore you need an experienced team who manages and take the Lab, mark it out internally and externally. Think about the team roles and their tasks to the earliest point of time.

Conception of Content

Applies for every Creative Space: Content is King. Care for a varied programm that is also internally consistent. Add to your Idea and Innovation Workshops open formats and inspiring keynotes to make the Lab-Experience accessible ot all employees.