We accompany our customers from the first ideas to market launch of products and services. From the beginning of our idea journey we ensure that there are processes and actions in order to guarantee the execution and market launch. Our Incubation-Excubation Process with the phases


ensure a transparent and integrated proceess from the idea to market launch. “Incubation with Excubation in Mind”.

It is hard for established Companies to develop radical or disruptive ideas and business models in their existing business structures. Therefore they found own start-ups, incubators or accelerators. These units operates self-sufficiently and pending the development of disruptive ideas in start-up clusters like Berlin, London, Tel Aviv or Silicon Valley. Surprisingly there are just a few success stories of self-sufficiently Labs which had a sustainable impact on the core business of the parent company or developed real disruptiv innovations.

In a rare nombers of cases there is a structured and constant exchange between the parent company and the start-up so that new insights and ideas find their way in order to influence the core business positivly and maket it sustainable. On the other hand there are Corporate or Future Labs inside a group without enough ressources, responsibility and support by the top management. In this constellation it is possible to give the new way of working and methods a try but a sustainable or disruptive success is improbable.

The biggest challenge for innovation management is to run an existing business model and to try new business models at the same time and probably cannibalize the existing one. The “ambidextrous organization” is an academic ideal but shows just a few real success cases.

To remain fit for future it is not enough to copy some actions and to expect the same results like innovative companies. It is necessarily to check the sustainability of the whole organization and strategy to handle disruptiv trends and socioeconomic development. The upcoming change has to be done by all divisions – it requires an “upgrade from organization 1.0 to organization 2.0”, from highly resource-intensive companies and products to highly knowledge-intensive ones. This paradigm shift also needs a new thinking of traditional business functions in the New Economy reality like the practice in technology companies and start-ups.

Such an upgrade is necessary for the core business of product development which is often a process inside research and development division. This process creates way to slowly and too far away from customers needs and desires products. In the last years a few succesful methods from start-ups becomes more relevant. For example: Lean Start-up methodic. It develops customer centered new business models, tests them quickly and relevantly for customers, improves and becomes scaled in case of success.


It would be better to have an ecosystem approach point of view on Innovations by weaving internal, own external and foreign units into one working ecosystem. That should allow the exchange of ideas, informations, ressources and humans. The innovation manager is also an ecosystem manager and coach who constantly balaces internal and external expectations and changes in order to connect agile idea creation of an external eco system with the conversion capability and scalability of a group.


In & Excubation

No matter if it is internal or external Incubation – the most important point is to give the teams the liberty and support they need to build a scalable product and business model from validated ideas. Therefore it is important to being able to think in a role of “„serial entrepreneurs“ or „company builder“.

Garagen & Maker`s Lab

In an agile environment you need fast Prototype Preperation to decide quickly and to validate them with customers. Wir build and run your Maker’s Lab so that you can validate your assumptions and reflect the market assessment by the Lean Start-Up Approach.

Training Courses

In certain Training Courses we teach a combination of methods, action learning, thinking interdisciplinary, acting customer centered, creating unthought ideas, develop business models and launch new products agilely to market.

New-Product Excubation

Successful market launch of new products like the

crowdfunding platform of BAWAG/PSK

start up as own company

Successful start up as own company creating innovative services e.g. trend and creative agency

Digital Transformation

Innovation Culture

Customer Centricity

Open Spaces

New Work & Leadershop