Digital transformation needs Human & Culture Transformation

Digital Transformation will only be successful when there is a Human & Culture Transformation in the same time: upgrading employees behaviour, skills, values and culture.

  • Sustainable Change to an Innovation Culture by Risk, Try-and-Error and Doing
  • Learning new and relevant Issues and Skills by specific Workshops
  • Revitalisation Entrepreneurship Thinking and Doing by Open Spaces and Intrapreneurship Programs

Our Projects in Human & Culture Transformation are an ideal addition to safe your Invests in Digital Transformation.

Technological Change, aka “Digital Transformation”, speeded up through Developments during the last years. Higher capacities of Processing and Memory allowes to handle vast amounts of Data in real time (Big Data) – everywhere possible through Mobile Communication and Digital Services.

These new constantly changing environments create new possibilities but also create new rules. Established Companies are challenged to react quickly to these Changes. This new reality has some indicators: rapidly decreasing sales and profits, less success and nomber of new produts, less success of traditional marketing and sales activities as well as reduced customer satisfaction.

In this new reality value creation are already knowledge based and digital. The value of innovative products like iPhones, Tesla cars or a Smart Watch are messaured at knowledge not at used ressources.

New Business Models and ideas never have been more important than today to safe the survival of any company. Employees should be concerned too. Digital Transformation will make analog processes and interfaces superfluous – and employments. That is why it is so important so prepare employees for this new reality and start new training and vocational retrainings programs. Learning new creative and digital skills is important for their and any companies future.

“Digital Tranformation projects fails because expected targets could not be reached (46,4%) or employees could not adopt or implement (40,8%).”Study of Economist Intelligence Unit from 2015

This often neglected point is probably the biggest problems for Companies considering tranformation projects as technical IT projects und left employees behind. Many studies of Digital Transformation projects show that 2/3 of these kind of projects fail or do not bring the expected results – not because of technical issues but human issues. We made this experience when ERP systems introduced extensively in the 1990s.

Our experience shows that Digital Transformation needs a Transformation of culture and employees too: an “Upgrade” of employees regarding to behaviour, skills, values and culture. Our Human & Culture Transformation Projects are an ideal supplement to save your invests in Digital Transformation Projects.



It becomes harder to handle the challenges of our time with a classic company organization. We will work with you side by side to find sense givers and make a Change to an attractive and sustainable organization.


An orchstra needs a conductor who matches all instruments and shows the power of the orchestra. Just like innovation measures in companies. Individual components are used but without impact. Innovation happens when you have somone who conducts.


Agility needs a new way of thinking and living for managers. Therefore they need to transform them zu agile experts and learn how to handle innovative leadership instruments. The classic ones do not work in an agile surrounding.


Cultural transformation

Two year program for creating a new, sustainable innovation culture at the Chief Digitalization Office

Cultural Transformation

Three year cultural change program within the Digital Transformation to Austrias most intuitive Bank

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Innovation Culture

Customer Centricity

Open Spaces

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